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Fighter Fuel

Fighter Fuel is one of the most popular newcomers in the fresh flavors segment.


Fighter Fuel France presents its range of Fighter Fuel e-liquids.

A French manufacturer specializing in the design of fruity aromas fused with freshness. A wide list of e-juices made with fruit flavors so tasty and delicately fresh. Endless pleasure for all lovers and fans of fruity flavors.

A perfect composition between the taste so ripe and fresh of fruits chosen with care and the freshness to bring to all vapers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Fighter fuel, the perfect fusion of fruity flavor and freshness
Seiryuto, a purely experienced martial artist, who owes his strength to red fruits. This e-liquid composed of strawberries, raspberries or blackcurrants will make you create endless vaping combos, because of its sweet taste, with a fine touch of freshness.

Another one-of-a-kind design is the Ushiro from Fighter Fuel which will turn you into a shocking monster. This e-juice made with exotic fruits: such a sweet and fresh pineapple juice mixed with well-picked lychee fruit and a note of freshness to give rise to this mixture that will make you a fierce fighter.

Then the Shigeri, who is the master of Fighter Fuel. This e-liquid will boost your strength, thanks to its perfect composition of pomegranate and strawberry juice mixed with pieces of kiwi and finally a fine note of freshness for an explosive mixture.

Fighter Fuel brings you a multitude of choices, according to your desires. Ranging from fruity to gluttony, the flavors offered by Fighter Fuel are designed with great precision and very precise control, in order to bring you something you will not soon forget.

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